Frank Talks About His Retired Brother

Many might wonder how it must be like to have two biking superstars in the family. Frank is set to race in Paris-Nice.

This is in preparation for the upcoming Tour de France event in July. Being from Luxembourg and of two biking professionals, Frank has no intention of hanging up his cycling gear though his brother has done the same already. His routine drive is through Paris-Nice which is a familiar course for him every year before the pro season starts every year. He takes part in the Tour of Basque Country which is known as the race to the sun leading to the Vuelta a Pais Vasco. He would then join the Ardennes classic tour along with the Tour de Suisse before he participates in Tour de France. This is the roadmap that he follows in the racing season every year. Even at 35 he is not ready to discontinue. When he is asked to talk about his brother, whether he misses the races, Frank states that his brother is busy with the bike shop that he runs, he is sometimes happy that he does not need to train or take the stress of competing. At other times he is unhappy that the exhilaration of the competitions is no longer present and the chances of hanging out with the boys.

For Andy, who has given up on racing, the dramas have lessened in his life as he is now home most of the time. When Frank was asked about the rise of popularity of the northern classic tours, he stated that media has much to do about that. There is certain glamour about racing on cobblestone streets and through Ardennes riding is not talked about much, it is still prevalent and most bikers cover this terrain.