Hopes Are All On Laura Trott As Kenny Fails To Get A Place

It isn’t new to anyone that in the Olympic sprint matches, there are many pratfalls that happen very early.

The moment Hersony Canelón of Venezuela eliminated Jason Kenny in just the first round; it became a very saddening end to the world championship. This time it is very little that went on the right track for the two time London Olympic gold medalist. Although Kenny finished in the Eighth place in the sprint, he was completely out of his own control in Keirin this Thursday.

If Laura Trott, the fiancé of Kenny isn’t able to change the situation Great Britain is facing now on Sunday, the country will have to leave the Paris championship without a medal at hand. Since 2001, they have always won a gold in at least one event in the championships. In 2001 it was Tony Blair who was just doing his first term and Saddam Hussein was the dictator of Iraq. It was then that British Cycling was considered to be a huge phenomenon and was waiting for more nationals to take part.

Today, the cycling world is seeing a completely different era as there are bigger pressures and the sport too has advanced a lot. Canelón won many awards and medals by participating at the Panamerican games and same case happened with Felix English, the Irish cyclist who defeated Sir Chris Hoy in the Poland championships of 2010.

Kenny said that he had become overconfident. He took the opportunity to ride above all in the line and once he was there, he fell into the thought of now what? That was the mistake as he was basically taking a waking nap and the margins have been so fine that he lost even though he knew it would be very close a competition.